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The 2014 Spring Cria

On Thursday, April 3rd the very anticipated first cria arrived.....in a major thunderstorm. As I had waited around the farm for two days, I decided that I needed to run an errand. Alpaca like to have their cria in private and especially not when you are hovering over them. Phedina had all the signs - for two days - of being in labor so I headed out for my errand. I was on my way home when the sky opened up and the lightening struck. I was five miles from home and my phone rang. It was my c

The 2011 Fall Cria

On a beautiful late Summer day, Friday, August 26th, I came home from work and did my daily check on the heard. I took a look at Valentina (Val), who was almost eleven months pregnant and she looked considerably thinner. It was only day 313! I looked up to the barn and saw a large pile and my first thought was "Oh NO!" she has lost her baby. I rushed up there and I saw that the pile in the barn was the afterbirth. Right by the barn entrance, in the dirt the same color, was a tiny cria and IT

The 2011 Spring Cria

All three births have had their own stories:
Ginger Snap appeared at 324 days on a drizzley Tuesday morning, March 29th while I was cleaning the pastures. She needed a little assistance getting here and I was very glad that God put me where I could help her. She was elbow locked and I just had to give a little push and pull and out she came. After her arrival, her mom Calli, took on the role she excels at, doting and loving caretaker. Ginger weighed 14 lbs, 8 oz. I was overjoyed t