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Is This The Right Time To Invest In Alpacas?


The people that come out of this recession ahead of the game will be the ones who buy while the price is low and everyone else is selling. This applies to the purchase of an alpaca herd the same as it does to buying property or stocks and shares. Once the recovery begins then the price of alpacas will recover also. How do I know this? People are still getting into the alpaca industry even in the middle of a recession!! Serious alpaca owners that have managed their business well will survive and thrive. Alpacas are a great investment because they reproduce themselves every year and are fully insurable. If you are purchasing when the price is low then you can afford to sell the offspring at the same low price. For the fortunate people that get into the business now the percentage of profit made on the initial investment will be the same as it has always been. People who invest now will make out like bandits when the economy recovers. You can take that to the bank!!
After saying all of that I would add that in this market it is very much a case of “Buyer Beware”. Not everything that appears a bargain really is. If a farm is going out of business the chances are that they have been struggling for some time. Chances are also good that they have been cutting corners when it comes to nutrition, routine health management and registration of their alpacas. Be sure to purchase from a reputable breeder with many years experience in the business. Make sure that you are buying quality animals with well respected champion bloodlines. Make sure that the people you purchase from are still going to be in business to help you with training, ongoing support and to honor those future free breedings that they promise.

November 22, 2011