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Why Alpacas?

Of all livestock you can own, the alpaca is one of the easiest and most inexpensive to maintain. This factor contributes significantly to their overall investment value and the quality of life of those who care for them. Small wonder that the alpaca is now considered the world's finest livestock investment.

There is a growing demand for alpaca fiber in textile and fashion centers throughout the world and a drastically limited supply of these animals outside their native South American hom... read full article

Is This The Right Time To Invest In Alpacas?

The people that come out of this recession ahead of the game will be the ones who buy while the price is low and everyone else is selling. This applies to the purchase of an alpaca herd the same as it does to buying property or stocks and shares. Once the recovery begins then the price of alpacas will recover also. How do I know this? People are still getting into the alpaca industry even in the middle of a recession!! Serious alpaca owners that have managed their business well will survive a... read full article